Brief Introduction

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Beijing Perfect Family Hospital was founded in 2006 approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and Beijing Municipal Health and Family Commission, specialised in assisted reproductive medical healthcare, gathering first-class international and domestic reproductive experts and embryologists, equipped with sophisticated embryologic laboratory. For many years, Beijing Perfect Family Hospital has been dedicated to the development of IVF -ET, adhering to the core value of invigorating hospital with science and technology, quality service, commitment to excellence, and sustainable development. We have been constantly striving to provide evidence-based, patient-centred, and personalised medical services for patients elegantly and pleasantly in the comfort of their homes and have achieved high pregnancy rate. Beijing Perfect Family Hospital has three major medical professions, i.e. IVF centre, Women’s infertility and Men’s infertility .Outpatient services include medical consultation, general surgery and traditional medicine, etc. The average yearly outpatient quantity has reached 100,000 people. Thousands upon thousands of infertile or sub-fertile couples have got their reproductive problems solved ending up in great families of happiness and perfectness.

Tips:  Beijing perfect family hospital is approved by the Beijing Municipal Health Commission approved the legal development of assisted reproductive technology (IVF) regular hospital, do assisted reproductive technology (IVF) go to the Beijing Municipal Health Commission approved, qualified, Formal assisted reproductive hospital.