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The Reproductive Medical Centre of PFH has always been in a competitive position in the field of assisted reproduction based on advanced techniques and authoritative expert team. We mainly carry out artificial insemination by husband (AIH), in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer (IVF-ET) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Liao Xi

Dr. Liao is among the pioneering generation of scientists in Assisted Reproductive Technology in China, and one of the founders of Beijing Perfect Family Hospital ART centre.She used to be engaged in early embryonic development and medical epigenetics research in China’s leading authority Xiangya Hospital’s ART centre, prenatal diagnosis centre and national key laboratory of medical genetics. She studied reproductive medical management, clinical and laboratory techniques in Monash IVF centre, and obtained Doctor’s degree in Australia and is now aguest professor of Monash University.

Wang Ying

Dr. Wang has 30 years of clinical experience in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, as well as Assisted Reproduction after graduation from Xi’an Medical College. She has been invited for many times to attend international academic conferences for academic communication. She has published more than 60 articles in authoritative journals and edited 2 medical works. Herprofound scientific achievements have been awarded with provincial and municipal level second class prize twice and third class prize twice in science and technology. She is deeply trusted and highly rated by patients.

Wang Huaixiu

Dr. Wang was the chief physician of the Reproductive Medical Department of the People's Hospital od Shangxi Province and has been engaged in assisted reproductive medicine for 27 years. He spent two years studying in Australia and regularly travels home and abroad for academic communications.As an Andrology expert, he has optimised testicle and epididymis sperm aspiration, which can significantly avoid or alleviate harms caused by traditional method, preserving spermatogenic function to the best taking a international leading position. He has won the title of Academic Leader and obtained Outstanding Achievements of Top Talents Award by provincial Health and Family Planning Commission.

Tips:  Beijing Perfect Family Hospital is a qualified, authentic reproductive medical care provider legally approved by Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission. Keep away from illegal or disqualified clinics for reproductive healthcare.