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Beijing Perfect Family Hospital is located in Zhao Deng Yu Road, Xicheng District,a prosperous and bustling regionof the West Second Ring Road of the capital with well-developed transportation network.
24-hour hotline: 010-66117776;
Email: service@bjpfh.com
Address:  Fuguo Street No. 2, Zhao Dengyu Road, Xicheng District, Beijing City.
Copyright holder:  Beijing perfect family hospital Limited.
Bus:  Bus No.7 No.47 (get off at Zujiajie station), bus No.107No.118 No.701(get off at Ping’an Hospital station).
Subway:  Subway line 6 at Ping’anli staion(exit E or H), go straight (West) to the traffic lights to the left.
Self-driving:  1 kilometres east of Guanyuan Bridge on West Second Ring Road (the second traffic light to the east of Guanyuan Bridge ) and turn right 80 metres.

Tips:  Beijing Perfect Family Hospital is a qualified, authentic reproductive medical care provider legally approved by Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission. Keep away from illegal or disqualified clinics for reproductive healthcare.